IPS service solutions tailored to meet your needs

You have already met the maintenance practices essential to help you maximize plant performance. Now, based on your needs, we can together decide which tasks are to be performed and which resources and competences are needed.

  • All service maintenance can be customized, you can tailor a program that is adapted to your specific requirements.
  • Our customized approach lets you benefit from your own in-house skills and the expertise and experience of IPS.
  • You specify in advance who does what – and when and how.
  • Working together with you we can define a program of services to cover everything from a single piece of equipment to a complete plant.
  • Want to know more about IPS maintenance services and how they can help maximize your plant’s performance? Just contact your nearest IPS Agent.

Heat Exchanger maintenance

  • We offer maintenance service on plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers and scrape surface heat exchangers
  • Pressure test
  • Dye testing for plate integrity
  • Re-Gasket


Pumps and valves maintenance

IPS offers maintenance and complete refurbishment of pumps and valves

Separator Maintenance

We offer maintenance and complete rebuild on separators and decanters

Process Plant Maintenance

We offer maintenance for a complete processing plant

Packaging Machines

  • A3/Flex (100V, 150V, 300V, 400V)- Mech., Elect., Automation.
  • A3/CF (100V, 200V, 300V)- Mech., Elect., Automation.
  • General DE (CBP70, 32; CAP 30, Capper 25; SA30; FW32; SW32; ACHX10-30)
  • TBA/8 (50V, 100V, 110V, 120V)
  • TT/3